About Us

I am a fourth-generation Houstonian and have been in the real estate and property management world in the Greater Houston & Montgomery County area since 1988. I waited until I was 42 to marry my best friend, providing me with an instant family consisting of three kids (well two young adults and one teen now).

Come to think of it…it was around this time that I discovered coffee (iced, not hot).

My wife (Nicola) helps me with all things online. If you see us on social media – that’s her. She’s not a born and bred Houstonian, but moved here from England in her teens. Growing up around the real estate world she has always been drawn to design, historical homes, and décor. She has an eye for it and we make a good team.

I love this city and the State of Texas and know it inside and out. I’m a huge history buff. My daughter says I’m a walking encyclopedia.

I believe everyone should be treated with professionalism and respect.

Along with my wife and kids, I also took on a rescue dog (Bo, who is my shadow), a rabbit/office mascot and four chickens. Yes, I said chickens.

I look forward to working with you. I go the extra mile for my clients and I know you won’t regret your decision choosing TH Realty as your real estate partner.

John Baxendale